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Given our area’s swamp-like climate, wildlife and nuisance animals pose a common threat to homes and businesses. Georgia’s construction standards also allow for significant foundational gaps, providing convenient entry points for rodents and other pests.

After 50 years in the area, Dixie has extensive knowledge of local mammals, reptiles, and insects, as well as the best and most humane techniques for animal control and removal. Our veteran technicians perform a thorough home inspection, remove the problem and any damaged insulation or construction material, and execute a full home exclusion to correctly block and seal entry-point. We also include in depth customer education and full walk-throughs before and after service.

Our certified, highly trained specialists receive on-going, on-the-job training, and are positioned throughout our service area for rapid response when you need help with a wildlife issue.

If you see signs of pest activity, or need animal control technicians for an immediate problem, please give us a call at 770-424-1300.

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